German-Cambodian exploration of Cambodian caves and karstphenomena


From the 27.12.95 to the 2.2.96 the first German-Cambodian exploration of Cambodian caves and karstphenomena took place in the south of Cambodia. The participants were Michael Denneborg, Björn Grün, Daniel Gebauer, Michael Laumanns, Matthias Schnadwinkel und Stefan Vogt.

During the campaign 11,5 km of caves were explored and surveyed and three ancient cave temples from the 6th century (Funan period) were discovered. This success was only possible with the personal support from the minister of culture Mr. Nouth Narang and the effective organisation from his personal secretary Mr. Khuon Chamroen and Mr. Ek Buthan who accompanied the campaign the whole time. We are also very greatful for the technical support from the German ambassador Dr. W. Treskow and his staff. The fundamental basis for the success of the campaign was the financial funding by the German minister for foreign affairs.

The speleological campaign had four aims:

The results can be summarized as follows:

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